Research Advisory Forum

The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation’s (PFF’s) Research Advisory Forum (RAF) is a stand-alone committee created by the PFF.

The RAF exists to create a forum for discussion by a diverse group of PF stakeholders who share a commitment to advancing PF research, provide input and recommendations to the PFF regarding ways in which PFF activities and resources can promote scientific discovery, and identify key limitations to progress in PF research and develop formal recommendations to address them.

Our Advisory Team

Harold R. Collard, MD

Williamson Bradford, MD

Kevin K. Brown, MD

Vincent Cottin, MD, PhD

Paul M. Guyre, PhD

Erica Herzog MD, PhD

Douglas Jones

Naftali Kaminski, MD

Joe Lasky, MD

Andrew H. Limper, MD

Richard P. Marshall, PhD

Barbara J. Murphy

Ganesh Raghu, MD

Murali Ramaswamy, MD

Luca Richeldi, MD

Glenn Rosen, MD

Charolette Saunders

Rozsa Schlenker-Herceg, MD

John "Jack" L. Stauffer, MD

Kyle Stiegert

Shelia Violette, PhD

Contact the Foundation

 For more information about our Advisory Forum please feel free to contact the Foundation directly!
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