The mission and vision of the PFF can only be achieved through the dedication and commitment of the people who have been chosen to lead the PFF team.  Below is a list of our Leadership Officers & Senior Staff. Learn more about this dedicated staff by viewing the links below!


William T. Schmidt
President and Chief Executive Officer

Scott Staszak
Chief Operating Officer

Gregory P. Cosgrove, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Laura Sadler
Chief Program and Business Development Officer

Senior Staff:

Kevin R. Flaherty, MD, MS
Steering Committee Chairman, PFF Care Center Network and PFF Patient Registry

David J. Lederer, MD
Senior Medical Advisor, Education and Awareness

Harold R. Collard, MD
Senior Medical Advisor, Research Development

Pauline Bianchi
Vice President, Research and Development

Zoë D. Bubany
Vice President, Board and External Relations

Rex Edwards
Vice President, PFF Patient Registry

Kerrie Trebonsky
Vice President, Finance

Jeri Webb
Associate Vice President, Conferences and Meetings

Our List of Leaders:

Board of Directors

Medical Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Committee 

Research Advisory Forum



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